Family Herbal Soup Package

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Family Herbal Soup Package include:

  1. Cod Fish Maw Anti Aging Herbal Soup
  2. Cordycepts Flower Genki Noursing Herbal Soup
  3. Lion Mane Mushroom Appetite Stimulating Herbal Soup
  4. Sha Seng Vitality Soup
  5. Genki Si- Shen Appetite Herbal Soup
  6. Peach Gum Dessert Package

Cooking Instruction (4 - 5 Family Member Soup Pack):
Water: 2 - 2.5L
Meat: 600gm Pork Rib / Pork / Chicken
Time: Boil with high heat for 10 minutes. Lower the heat boil for 2 hours

Storage method:
It is recommended to store in the refrigerator, which can achieve the effect of preservation for more than 8 months